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How to Write Effective Networking Emails 

In this 32 minute webinar, B-Speak! Coach, Dana Doyon, will teach you best practices for writing networking emails in English. Learn what to do and not to do!

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Getting Comfy with Public Speaking

In this interactive webinar, B-Speak coach Ray Smith will lead you through a set of public speaking exercises that will practice your ability to make up short speeches on the spot. Impromptu speaking is not a static skill that you either have or don’t have. It can be developed in order to enhance your social conversations (formal and informal), class discussions, work meetings, and question and answer sessions. No matter your job, impromptu speaking is a skill that you can build in order to increase your comfort and clarity on the phone, in videoconferences, in meetings, or in your classroom. 


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Designed for YOU!

We designed B‑Speak! initially at the request of top U.S. business schools and their international students/graduates who were seeking a more personalized, high-level English coaching program. We now work with business students and working professionals from around the world. We continually update our courses to meet their needs and adapt to our constantly changing times.

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What Our Students Say

Nattinee S.
Mason School of Business

B‑Speak! helped me get through the first year of my MBA program. For me, Ellie is more than a speaking coach, she is my friend!! She not only fixed my accent and grammar but also helped me with the culture shock.

Jinkai L.
Fuqua School of Business

The interview prep sessions — all of the tricks, conversation starters and practice we did — were so helpful because I was going through some interviews at the time. The interviews went pretty well, actually, and I went into another round for one position and now I’m getting calls from HR for another position, so that’s really great!

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Master The Art of Small Talk
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So many English learners struggle making casual conversation (or small talk) in a natural way. What is small talk? What are safe topics? Are there topics I should avoid? Because "small talk" can be such a mystery for those not familiar with life and work in the U.S., we created this course to teach you the basics.


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