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Personalized English Language Coaching for Your Employees

B‑Speak! has been helping professionals communicate in English since 2012.

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Invest in Your Team and Transform Your Business.

B‑Speak! English combines live individual and small group coaching with an ever-expanding online curriculum. Our program is designed to boost your employees' confidence and clarity and help them thrive both as individuals and at your company.

  • Are some of your employees struggling on the job because of their insufficient English?
  • Are customers having a hard time understanding your employees, primarily because of their limited English proficiency?
  • Are language barriers holding some of your top employees back? Do you want them to play a bigger role at your company, but worry that their English isn’t up to speed?
  • Are you ready to expand into new markets, yet fear your team isn't ready for the communication challenges that come with growth?
We can help!

If you answered YES to any of the above, B‑Speak can help!

Why B‑Speak?

Good Communication Strengthens Your Brand.

Like it or not, your employees are often the primary ambassadors of your brand. With every phone conversation, every email, every presentation, their ability to communicate with clarity and confidence can make the difference between a happy customer and a frustrated one. That’s where we come in.

By identifying your team’s English skills at the outset, B-Speak! can then tailor training to the specific needs of your group — from pronunciation and public speaking to grammar and writing.

About B‑Speak!

We work with the best and help them be better.

A Few Of Our Clients
UVA Darden School of Business
Rice Business School
Georgetown McDonough School
Christina Ball PhD

Meet Our Team

B‑Speak! was created in 2012 by the English team at Speak! Language Center, a 16 year-old educational business based in Virginia. The B‑Speak! team is directed by Dr. Christina Ball and consists of 20 English language and business professionals.

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Set up a consultation with our Director  to get an overview of B‑Speak!, share the specific challenges faced by your employees and determine the best path to success.

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Once we meet and assess your employees, they are matched with their coach and begin improving their English via individual live lessons and our specialized, supporting curriculum.

Measured Results

Your employees will experience increased confidence and improved grammar, pronunciation and writing after working with a B‑Speak! Coach. We track progress from initial assessment to final conversation.

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Meet Our Team
What Our Clients Say

Denise Karaoli
Darden School of Business

A significant challenge for international ESL students is the potential lack of confidence in their English as they enter the U.S. ... Our students have had very positive experiences with B‑Speak! English over the past years and I would highly recommend their coaching services to others.

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Christina Ball PhD
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