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As leaders in specialized English coaching since 2012, we've worked with some of the best businesses, graduate schools and individuals to help them be even better. As a small business with an efficient and hard-working team, we pride ourselves on stellar customer service, from first conversation to program implementation and delivery.

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What Our Students Say

Mariano S.

I had a great experience with B‑Speak! My teacher was awesome! It was very personalized to my needs. I’ve been studying English for 22 years, and this one was, by far, my best experience.

Jinkai L.
Fuqua School of Business

The interview prep sessions — all of the tricks, conversation starters and practice we did — were so helpful because I was going through some interviews at the time. The interviews went pretty well, actually, and I went into another round for one position and now I’m getting calls from HR for another position, so that’s really great!

Shida X. 

I can speak more fluently now and the thinking time has shortened. I've stopped translating everything in my head. I still need practice, but thanks to B‑Speak! I'm on the right track! I've also gained a lot of confidence during this process. I am more confident to speak in front of native speakers or even strangers after many hours of working with my coach.

Andres V.

I totally recommend to any person at any level of English to become part of the B‑Speak family. Before the course, I had doubts about my knowledge and about how my performance will be at Babson, but thanks to the tutorials I feel totally certain that I can do well and ready to start. My teacher was really nice and taught me a lot on grammar, reading, listening, pronunciation and speaking skills. I am happy to share my amazing experience with everyone. Thank you very much and I will use B‑Speak! for the rest of my career.

Sabrina C.
Georgetown McDonough

B‑Speak! has made me feel more confident speaking with others in the U.S. I’ve improved so much since starting this course and I feel like I can talk to anyone about any topic now.

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What Our Clients Say

Denise Karaoli
Darden School of Business

A significant challenge for international ESL students is the potential lack of confidence in their English as they enter the U.S. ... Our students have had very positive experiences with B‑Speak! English over the past 8 years and I would highly recommend their coaching services to others.

Rice Business School

Phil Heavlin

We partnered with B‑Speak! to provide language coaching to our international students. As a result, students felt more confident during networking events and job interviews, very important in this competitive job market. Our students offered high praise for the English coaches that supported their development.

Danielle Yetman
Babson-Olin Graduate Admissions

It has been a pleasure working with Christina and Liz this cycle and we couldn’t happier with the B‑Speak! product, response time and result.  I know our students feel strongly as well. I’m so happy we’ve been able to work on this mutually beneficial relationship!

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Praise For Our Teachers

It's been my pleasure to work with Dawn. She is a very patient and kind person, and her teaching style is very helpful and relaxing! Through our Iessons I gained confidence and became a better English user. THANKS a ton!

Ray is a passionate teacher who really helped me understand the nuances of effective public speaking

Cleve is such an encouraging coach who can not only inspire your motivation but also use instrumental methods to help you progress. I enjoyed his coaching sessions a lot!

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