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Rice-Business School Leaders have teamed up with B‑Speak! to ensure you get the English support you need to thrive in your graduate programs — and beyond!

What Rice Students Say 
About B‑Speak!

How would you describe

B-Speak! to a friend?

"I used to be constantly asked how to learn English by some of my friends and now I can introduce B-Speak! to them. I would say it’s more than a course to teach you basic skills on how to pronounce and speak English. It helps you to identify where you can improve and make a personalized study plan for you. You will have personal one-on-one coaching and, in this way, you can improve your communication skills overall and really see your progress every time you finish your lesson." Shiya W.- Rice-Business MBA '23

Cesar S., Rice-Business EMBA

B-Speak! is a great program that has helped me to be more confident when speaking in English to others. I really like my coach. She was very professional and pushed me to improve my communication skills to sound more confident and to be more self aware about areas I needed to improve. I look forward to continuing the program. If you are looking to speak like a great leader, talk to a B-Speak! Coach..

Omar A., Rice-Business MBA

B-Speak! is an excellent experience for many reasons. Number one, you improve your English skills, learn resources to check your grammar and also learn new vocabulary. And also, you build new relationships and friends, and talk about other points of view. My confidence absolutely improved. My previous English courses focused on grammar. B-Speak was practical and business-related - this is a great course.

Janet H., Rice-Business MBA

The coaching was very practical, not just theories to learn. I think my writing has greatly improved as well as my speaking. Now I try to be more direct about getting my points across. I advise you to take B-Speak coaching because it helps in every way. It’s very personalized, so you get to tackle your issues, which are unique to you. I would encourage everyone to do it!

Ran W., Rice-Business MBA

This program helped me take my English to the next level and helped me enhance my English in a business setting. The high level of customization is really what attracted me to B-Speak! in the first place and is what makes the program stand out from the rest of the group. Candidates are really able to have customized sessions with their coaches. And every session can be suited to the individual’s goals for that particular week or month. For example, right before one of my real job interviews I scheduled a mock interview with my coach and that really helped me achieve my ultimate goal.

B‑Speak!'s customized, one-on-one course can help you:

   Improve pronunciation and intonation

   Build your confidence

   Expand your vocabulary

   Perfect your grammar

10-Hour Course + English Profile for All Full-time MBA Rice Business Students

Get Ready for Rice and your future career!

Rice Business has been a B-Speak! partner school since 2020. We work with students from around the world in a variety of programs (MBA, PMBA, EMBA, Ph.D) striving to improve their English in order to build fluency and confidence.

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How Does Our Program Work?

B‑Speak! combines a customized online curriculum (up-to-date articles and videos, “soft” skills exercises)  with individual live video chat lessons tailored to your unique needs and challenges – from pronunciation and intonation to interview skills and writing.

Our lesson modules focus on building the key skills you require — i.e. describing, defining, choosing, solving, defending and challenging — while time with the instructor is dedicated to practicing these skills in ways that will mimic the classroom, case study, presentation or interview experience in a challenging, yet supportive way.

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What Is B‑Speak?

Designed by skilled ESL educators at Speak! Language Center, 
B‑Speak! offers premier online English language coaching for international students and working professionals. Whether you are pursuing an advanced degree in business, finance, engineering, science or marketing, we can help you build skills and 
confidence in English.


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