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Learn the basics of Small Talk in this free short course for anyone learning English and living/working in the U.S. 



Small Talk is a Big Challenge 

Most English learners say that making small talk - or casual conversation - is their biggest challenge. We get it.

Having to be around a group of peers and not knowing what to say can really be overwhelming and stressful.

That's why the B-Speak! English team made it a priority to bring you this free course. 

Register today and learn how to start feeling CONFIDENT with every conversation you have. 

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What's Included:


Jinkai L., Duke-Fuqua MBA 

The interview prep sessions – all of the tricks, conversation starters and practice we did -  were so helpful because I was going through some interviews at the time. The interviews went pretty well, actually,  and I went into another round for one position and now I’m getting calls from HR for another position, so that’s really great! Before this course, I was still a little bit Chinese-culture-based and would not feel comfortable sharing information, especially when it came to sharing my skill levels. In that interview setting, you really need to be confident in yourself. You have to present yourself in a way that the interviewer will appreciate your communication skills and your self confidence.

Andres V., Venezuela 

I totally recommend to any person at any level of English to become part of the B-Speak family. Before the course, I had doubts about my knowledge and about how my performance will be at Babson, but thanks to the tutorials I feel totally certain that I can do well and ready to start. My teacher was really nice and taught me a lot on grammar, reading, listening, pronunciation and speaking skills. I am happy to share my amazing experience with everyone.  Thank you very much and I will use B-Speak! for the rest of my career.