Writing Effective Networking Emails


Join B-Speak! Coach, Dana Doyon, for this 30 minute lesson in e-mail writing Avoid common mistakes and represent yourself in a clear, memorable, professional way. 


Learn How To

Craft an email to someone you have met, and to someone you haven't.

Learn How To

Write the perfect subject line - one that will ensure your email is opened!

Learn How To

Avoid some of the most common email mistakes made by non-native English speakers.

About the Instructor

Dana Doyon is a B‑Speak coach and ESL instructor with Speak! Language Center and works with international graduate business students to prepare them for graduate studies and beyond. She has a Master's of Applied Linguistics from University of Massachusetts Boston, a TESOL Certificate, and a Bachelor's of International Studies. She has been teaching ESL for over 8 years and has led writing workshops and coaching sessions for the Darden School of Business through B‑Speak!

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