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B-Speak! Partners with Accepted Admissions Consulting to Support International Applicants

Aug 04, 2022


Together, Accepted and B-Speak! Help International Applicants Present their Best Selves to their Top Schools!

Over the years, our B-Speak! English coaches have supported countless applicants by helping them hone their interview skills prior to applying or after being waitlisted. Oftentimes, they share comments like "Where were you last year?! I wish I would've discovered B-Speak! sooner in the application process! " or "More international applicants need to know about B-Speak! before they even consider applying!"

We listened!  Christina began reaching out to admissions consultants and connected with Accepted founder, Linda Abraham, on LinkedIn. After a few brainstorming sessions and a lively conversation on Linda's informative podcast - Admissions Straight Talk - we realized the benefits to our clients that a partnership would offer. Accepted supports clients with admissions consulting (knowing and selecting best schools, polishing essays and other application materials, etc) and B-Speak! helps non-native English speaking applicants improve their English (pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, interview skills, storytelling, etc.) prior to school interviews. 

"Many international clients who are not native English speakers require some coaching in English language skills to perform optimally as grad school applicants, but these services might involve a class here, a tutor there–nothing that was 'one-stop shopping.'" Linda shares, "This is why we were so pleased to discover B-Speak! English, the only English-language program created for international applicants to U.S. business graduate programs."

How will the partnership work? Any international applicant working with Accepted will have access to discount partner pricing for all of our course packages. Additionally, by getting to know the needs not only of admitted students and professionals, but also applicants, the B-Speak! Team will add new content to our courses and offer special small group drop-in practice sessions to Accepted Clients. B-Speak! clients considering applying to graduate school will also be strongly encouraged to work with our partners at Accepted! 

"I couldn't have imagined a better first Admissions Consulting partner than Accepted," Christina Ball shares.  Not only is Linda Abraham a leader in the this field, but she and her team truly are the best at what they do. We will surely learn as much from Accepted as our B-Speak! students learn from us!"  

More about our new partner, Accepted

Accepted has been committed to helping clients succeed in achieving their educational and career goals since its establishment in 1994. Under CEO/founder Linda Abraham’s leadership, Accepted has grown over the last three decades by providing top-notch admissions consulting to business, graduate, law, medical, healthcare, and college applicants around the world. Linda is also the co-founder of AIGAC, the esteemed association of graduate admissions consultants, which Speak! Language Center has just joined as an affiliate member. 



Listen to Speak! Director Christina Ball's conversation with Accepted's Linda Abraham on her podcast - "Admissions Straight Talk" 

Visit Accepted's new B-Speak! Landing Page (for Accepted Clients). 




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